Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hey it´s June!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

So this week is the last week of classes. Today was a holiday celebrating, nothing probably but everyone pretty much went out for a picnic with friends and family in the parks. So, like usual, everything closed down. 

Also, I have been sick (again) since last Thursday. Looks to be the same thing, tonsillitis, so I am getting some more free medicine from the doctors (yeah Socialism!) I am not sure how or why I got sick but I have a feeling it's stress related because I got several deadlines coming up for my classes, plus next week begins the month-long exam period. 

Anyway, some cool events did actually happen this week, The first one being last Wednesday night when FC Barcelona won the Champion's League Cup over Manchester United (from England). The Champion's League is a tournament where all the best teams in Europe compete throughout the year, and its considered the best Tournament in Europe. The final match took place in Rome, neutral ground (for soccer at least). So naturally Oviedo went wild at the end of the game, complete with people in the fountains, fireworks, cannon bangs, groups of friends roaming the streets screaming Barcelona fight songs, etc. Barcelona was considered a big time underdog because of how solidly Manchester United played all season, but somehow they managed to lose 3-0. owned

Also recently Oviedo held a fair call la Feria de la Ascencion. I believe it is to commemorate the ascension of Christ into heaven but I have no idea. Oviedo allowed a massive amount of artisans dressed in traditional Asturian-attire to set up shops in front of the Cathedral and other parts nearby. They then also had several parades of bagpiping groups from all over Asturias playing their traditional song from their area. There were maybe 3,000 bagpipers in Oviedo! And you thought one was annoying :) But it was nice to watch and I do have video and photos of that. The vendors sold traditional cheeses, meats, sweets, crafts, honey, art, etc. Right in front of the cathedral there was traditional dancing going on in traditional attire and you could get free carriage rides pulled cows haha. 

Also, this weekend Real Oviedo (the soccer team here) was admitted to the second division soccer league in Spain (from the 3rd). They hadn't lost a single game all year and qualified for the move in points scored. So naturally parties were thrown everywhere this weekend (yet another reason to party). Everyone was in the streets, kids, adults, elderly, etc. They soccer players had several mini parties in different parts of the city just to hype everyone up, kind of like pep-rallies after the fact, and yesterday they held one in front of City Hall. I got some good pictures of that. They chanted their teams fight songs over and over and over and over and everyone on the team got a chance at the mic like 5 times. It was rather ridiculous. But the plaza was packed with supporters and it was a good time.

Finally, since Saturday morning there have been cannon blasts three times a day everyday. 25 blasts, 3 times a day. During the initial blasts, I was still sleeping (it was 10am) and it scared me half to death. I didn't know what to think. I still don't know what to think. It's something to ask my tandem friend because I couldn't find it in the paper or anything.

That's it for now... still sick, so sorry if this post reads a bit funny I'm having a hard time concentrating haha. 

Upcoming events Toulouse June 10th-13th

Big trip through europe: begins June 30th.

Oh and it did get warmer here starting last Thursday or so. Actual summer weather! Today´s high was 80.

New photos here from la Fería and the big Real Oviedo party. 

I don´t have too many from the Oviedo party but I´m going to get some from my friends. 


  1. HI Matt,
    Sounds like you are having a great time. Don't know what Toulouse is, but it must be a fun thing. When you do the Big trip through europe when and how much time do you get in Paris? Don't want to post my email so email your mom and she can forward it to me.

    Uncle Frank

  2. Hope your Spanish drugs have taken effect and you are feeling better by now. Have enjoyed all of your entries. You are seeing and experiencing so much. Find it hard to imagine 3000 bag pipes...in Spain no less! They do love to party, don't they? What is Toulouse? You won't know how to act when you get back to Tech and you don't have a celebration every week.

    Your big trip through Europe sounds so cool. What a way to end this big adventure!If you can't keep your blog up as you travel, we'll expect a big show and tell when you get home!

    Good luck on the finals, projects etc. Know you'll get through it all ok. Stay well!!!