Sunday, March 8, 2009

Photos / Futbol

Sunday, 03/08/09

I just uploaded a bunch of photos. You can access them from the slideshow on the righthand panel or you can go to this link. I added some commentary but if you have any questions about the pictures let me know for sure.

Today I went to a Real Oviedo Football game (soccer). They're third division and not too good at that but they used to be first division in the early nineties. For this reason, they have a stadium that seats about 30K and it fills up maybe 15%-20% or so. They played Nalón (another team from Asturias) and tied 0-0.
I went with my friends from Belgium and Germany and they proceeded to inform me about futbol in their countries. They know it's not very popular in the States and were surprised to find out that I know all the rules. They say most americans can't even spot offsides but I told them I used to referee kids soccer.

One of my friends really likes the Barcelona football club so we´re probably going to go to Barcelona one weekend here soon to see them play. Most people here in Spain choose sides over whether they like Real Madrid or Barca (Barcelona) more. Real Madrid is better I think in the standings and as far as I also am looking forward to seeing Gijón play because they´re division one and not too far from Oviedo. They´re the only Div. 1 team in Asturias I think...


  1. The apartment looks nice - but that is a very narrow hallway. I'm glad you have the monkey to keep you company:) The buildings look very new and modern. How are the classes going? Are your 2 friends in the picture the ones from France, Belgium, or are they Spaniards? Mom

  2. Loved the pictures - the buildings are so colorful. Cool that you got to see a European soccer game - watch out for those riots! Sounds like you might be getting into it. Apartment looks cozy, but nice. Do you spend much time there during the day(when you're not siesta-ing)?

  3. Francois, Stéphanie and Arnaud are from Belgium and Albin is from France. That was the trip I took with the international students to Covadonga.
    Classes are going fine...I´m still trying to get all the language differences down for Organic Chemistry. The concepts are the same though.
    History of Asturias is boring but that´s mainly the Profesoras fault...
    From what I´ve been told the Hooligans (those who riot at soccer games) are primarily drunken supporters of English teams. So I will keep a look out for that :)
    I don´t spend too much time at the apartment... there´s not much to do there (no internet, tv with 7 channels), and my friends all live closer to the center of town. So usually I try to stay out and about most of the day.

  4. Thanks for the slide show. I was amused when I saw the tiny microwave, it looks just like ours and the kitchen size is very similar. When you come to Buffalo Grove you'll think you're back in Oviedo :)
    A. Norma

  5. So the guy with the scarf was from France:) I thought he looked like he had that French sense of fashion thing going.... Mom

  6. yeah they all have scarves. apparently very common not only for fashion but for warmth. I have been advised by pretty much everyone that I need to buy one.
    Also I should probably point out ´Real´in spanish can also mean ´Royal´ as is the case with Real Oviedo, which is the name of the soccer team (Royal Oviedo). There´s also a Real Madrid which is pretty much the undisputed king of Spanish soccer if not all European soccer. They don´t have a draft system here like we do for most sports in the U.S. so the club with the most money typically can foot the bill for the best players in the world. That´s why you get powerhouses like Real Madrid, Barcelona, etc.

  7. The peacock pictures are just hilarious!! Also your apt looks really narrow and short... or maybe you're just a giant as (ben or mariana?) would say.

  8. Real Madrid is better.............? King of Spanish soccer ? WHAAAAAT ???

    I hope you were just kidding, especially after "el triplete" :D

    See you bro'.