Friday, February 27, 2009

New Blog

So here´s the new site. It´s a bit glitchy too (they´re still working out the kinks it seems) but it does allow for free commenting and all that. It also has an option where I can instantly email all new posts to anyone who wants to receive them. So if you want to have my new entries sent to you as soon as they´re published just let me know and I´ll put you on that email list.

Some past entries:

February 23rd:

OK so I just figured out how to get my laptop connected to the internet so once I go do that I´ll post the last couple entries I have. Basically I don´t feel like retyping everything sorry. Today I dominated my spanish placement test for my intensive
spanish class I am taking. I thought it would be a good idea to take it and the school pays for most of it so I went for it. It only lasts a month and is 2 hours every day Mon-Fri. Still working on getting registered for my clases... they started already but the people I need to see to register have not been in the office during their office hours. And tomorrow there is a holiday (another one) so they wont be in either. Basically I figured out why the spanish embassy has really crappy hours of business--its the same way here. For example the office of international relations is open 9-2 Monday thru Thursday and is closed all holidays. That´s just not done in the states!

February 24th:

Today was a holiday for the kids called Carnaval I think. Something to that nature. Basically there was a parade last night, and today all the kids were dressed up as batmans, pirates, princesses, that kind of thing. A holiday for the kids go figure. It was kind of like mandatory spend time with your kids day. I saw many many parents in the parks spending time with their kids possibly against their own will. Just trying to get the approval of the neighbors or something who knows. :)
Tomorrow I´m starting classes for and it should be an all day affair: Chemistry and Physics from 9-11, History of Asturias or Geography of the population 4-6 (I have the first class Mon, Tues, the second Wed, Thurs) and my intensive spanish course from 630-830. Im sure you noticed there is time in there for a siesta and I will be capitalizing on that!

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